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Why A-med?

We leverage our proven track record and international experience to distribute high-quality pharmaceuticals, utilizing innovative techniques and an extensive network.

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At A-med, marketing and distribution for our own in-house and partner brands involves promoting and delivering medical products using our extensive marketing expertise and a wide-reaching network.

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Partner with us to expedite market entry, rapidly achieve profitability, and benefit from synergies with our established platform. We ensure a seamless transition back to your operations after successfully accelerating your business, thus guaranteeing sustained success post-acceleration.

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How does A-med help you expand?

A-med offers a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate and accelerate the expansion of pharmaceutical businesses.

Immediate Market Launch
Fast Product Launch
Market Know-How
Existing Market Access
Startup Management
XXL Pharma Network
Time & Cost Savings
Pay as you go

Become a partner

Please feel free to contact us via the following methods


+43 662 42 90 90

Mon - Fri 8:30am to 1pm

General-Arnold-Straße 6, 5020 Salzburg

Mon - Fri 8:30am to 1pm
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