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A-med is a privately held pharmaceutical company in Austria. We market high-quality pharmaceuticals under our own label and have built the business of several partners using A-med as accelerator.

Our Vision

A-med distinguishes itself by offering pharmaceutical high-quality products at competitive prices. Choosing to partner with A-med is the preferred option for pharmaceutical companies seeking strategic expansion into DACH markets, including targeted countries and specific business sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and supplements.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is designed to enhance our partnerships and operational efficiency through the following key initiatives:

  • Providing high-quality pharmaceutical products, either under our brand or through our partners' labels.
  • Enhancing our marketing efforts through innovative marketing services.
  • Operating as a flexible, experienced, entrepreneurial, and streamlined organization.
  • Generating synergies for our partners from the outset by leveraging A-med's platform.
  • Utilizing our expansive international network to foster growth.
  • Striving for excellence in supply accuracy, positioning ourselves among the industry's best.

This approach highlights A-med's commitment to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and driving the success of our collaborators in the pharmaceutical industry.